{"status":"OK","msg":"Details loaded!","presentation":{"id":101,"title":"PRELIMINARY RESULTS IN CHARACTERIZING GOLD SAMPLES FROM DIFFERENT GEOLOGICAL PROVENANCES USING LA ICP MS EVALUATION OF PB ISOTOPES AND X-RAY FLUORESCENCE TO EVALUATE CONCENTRATIONS OF CU AND AG","abstract":"Five gold samples were analysed using laser ablation and multi collector mass spectrometer. Four of these samples were from goldfields in Cuiab\u00e1, Peixoto, Lacerda and Colombia. The last one was a modern British coin, which is supposed to be a gold mix of different provenances. The process evaluated Pb isotopes 204, 206, 207 and 208. At the same time the isotope 202 from Hg was measured in order to correct superposition of 204 Hg present in buffer gas with 204 Pb. X-Ray fluorescence measurements were also made in order to evaluate copper and silver concentrations in the samples. All results are interesting and characterize quite well these gold samples. This is the first step in order to develop the methodology to analyse old artifacts like coins and other metal objects and therefore, this is an important technique largely used in Archeometry. Furthermore, this is an important method to fingerprinting gold provenance in Brazil. ","keywords":"Mass spectrometry; X-Ray fluorescence; Gold fingerprinting; Archeometry","status":"active","sarx_st":"accepted","user_id":167,"created_at":"2016-07-11 12:10:12","updated_at":"2016-08-20 12:15:51","filename":"Abstract (SARX2016)_ADT.doc","mode":"oral","sarx_code":"02_O-XRF","poster_group":null,"file":"8e78c09583ac6d4cdcccad91f473a672.doc","author":"Armando Dias Tavares Junior","affiliation":"Doutor \/<\/b> IFADT\/UERJ \/<\/b> Brasil","user":{"id":167,"name":"Armando Dias Tavares Junior","degree":"Doutor","email":"tavares.armandodias@gmail.com","username":"tavares.armandodias@gmail.com","confirmed":1,"confirmation_code":null,"created_at":"2016-05-24 18:10:10","updated_at":"2016-07-05 15:25:55","sarx":0,"affiliation":"IFADT\/UERJ","address":"R. Clovis Bevilacqua, 86 ap 302","zipcode":"20520160","state":"RJ","phone":"21 23340843","fax":null,"city":"Rio de Janeiro","country":"Brasil","status":"active","is_admin":0,"category":"professor","school":1,"icdd":0}}}