{"status":"OK","msg":"Details loaded!","presentation":{"id":51,"title":"GENERATION OF AN OPTIMIZED X-RAY SPECTRUM IN A BENCH-TOP EDXRF SYSTEM FOR DETECTING SIMULTANEOUSLY TWO NANOPARTICLES AGENTS USED LIKE TUMOR MARKERS","abstract":"During the last years has been proposed the utilization of Gold and Silver nanoparticles like bio-markers when are bound to molecules like antibodies, which are linked to specifics cell receptors. This would provide useful information like the spatial distribution and radiosensibility of the tumor cells in the cancer treatment. Because the distribution of malignant cells is heterogeneous in tumour volume, the dose could be modulated considering different bio-parameters that will affect the distribution and radiosensitivity of cells, as the concentration of intracellular oxygen and cell redistribution. Therefore use gold and silver nanoparticles with specific markers would provide information of these bio-parameters, and thus individualize treatments depending on the conditions of the tumor microenvironment. In this work is optimized a bench-top EDXRF system, which allow quantify in vivo low concentrations of silver and gold nanoparticles into tumor phantoms. In the first state, the system was previously configured using XMI- MSIM software designed to predict the XRF spectral response using Monte Carlo simulations. The studied setup is comprised of an mini X-ray tube and a set of filter of Se, Sr, Y, Zr, (for exiting the gold L3-edge) and Cd, In and Sn (for exiting the silver K-edge), configured with variable thickness, for emit simultaneously two spectrally narrow beam centered on a specific excitation energy. The figures of merit used for adjusted the composition and thickness of the filters were minimizing the detection limit and radiation exposure. In the second state, the experimental verification was realized in a tissue equivalent phantom, made of a mixture of 96% cellulose and 4% salt Merck. Tumor phantoms of 0.3 cm3 embedded with the nanoparticles agent consisted of a solution of GNPs (1.9 nm AurovistTM, Nanoprobes Inc.) and Silver nanoparticles (in-house by LIIFAMIRx) suspended in de-ionized water. For determining the experimental detection limit, several concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 10 mgAu\/ml were measured into the tumor phantoms considering a statistical fluctuation with a 95% of confidence level. The ranging of concentration studied corresponds to the possible gold and silver concentrations expected to be found in future in vivo application in human.","keywords":"Silver nanoparticles, Gold nanoparticles in vivo EDXRF, Personalized radiotherapy","status":"active","sarx_st":"accepted","user_id":119,"created_at":"2016-05-10 17:29:40","updated_at":"2016-08-20 12:33:49","filename":"Abstract (SARX2016).pdf","mode":"oral","sarx_code":"23_O-XRF","poster_group":null,"file":"98057b545558a02eda0fa7d6dd76ff4d.pdf","author":"Rodrigo Saavedra Salas","affiliation":"M.Sc.(c) \/<\/b> Universidad de La Frontera \/<\/b> Chile","user":{"id":119,"name":"Rodrigo Saavedra Salas","degree":"M.Sc.(c) ","email":"r.saavedra02@ufromail.cl","username":"r.saavedra02@ufromail.cl","confirmed":1,"confirmation_code":null,"created_at":"2016-05-05 18:55:59","updated_at":"2016-07-21 02:01:14","sarx":1,"affiliation":"Universidad de La Frontera","address":"Avda. Francisco Salazar 01145","zipcode":"4811230","state":"Regi\u00f3n de la Araucan\u00eda","phone":"+569 81495473","fax":null,"city":"Temuco","country":"Chile","status":"active","is_admin":0,"category":"student","school":0,"icdd":0}}}