{"status":"OK","msg":"Details loaded!","presentation":{"id":57,"title":"ANALYSIS OF ARCHAELOGICAL JEWELS BY DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY USING MINI SENSOR ","abstract":"In the present study jewels from the tomb of the lady of Cao were studied, a Moche \u201cqueen\u201d of a period around 300 AD (in the Museum \u201cSe\u00f1ora de Cao\u201d in Magdalena de Cao, north of Peru). To this aim a X-ray digital radiography system (XDR) was employed, using a mini X-ray flat-panel sensor. The objective of these analyses was to obtain structure information of the jewelry (mainly nose ornaments composed of gold and silver sheets), particularly about manufacturing mode and soldering between gold and silver sheets and thickness quantification. A portable XDR system was employed, consisting of a flat-panel detector using APS-CMOS technology produced by Schick Technologies and a mini X-ray tube with Au anode from Amptek, which works at 50 kV and 100 \u00b5A maximum voltage and current. The radiographic images of the jewels revealed interesting details on the manufacturing process and on how the silver and gold sheets were glued or soldered .","keywords":"X-Ray; Digital Radiography; Archaeometry","status":"active","sarx_st":"accepted","user_id":142,"created_at":"2016-05-12 02:05:23","updated_at":"2016-08-20 12:44:36","filename":"abstract SARX 2016_SORAIA.docx","mode":"oral","sarx_code":"19_O-XRD","poster_group":null,"file":"89ae115b9c755708038e466601fa3553.docx","author":"Soraia Rodrigues de Azeredo","affiliation":"Master \/<\/b> COPPE\/UFRJ \/<\/b> Brasil","user":{"id":142,"name":"Soraia Rodrigues de Azeredo","degree":"Master","email":"soraia@lin.ufrj.br","username":"soraia@lin.ufrj.br","confirmed":1,"confirmation_code":null,"created_at":"2016-05-09 16:44:33","updated_at":"2016-05-09 17:35:41","sarx":1,"affiliation":"COPPE\/UFRJ","address":"Rua Frederico Malesherbes Figueredo, n55, apto402 bl02","zipcode":"24754-210","state":"Rio de Janeiro","phone":"5521996274798","fax":null,"city":"Niteroi","country":"Brasil","status":"active","is_admin":0,"category":"student","school":0,"icdd":0}}}