{"status":"OK","msg":"Details loaded!","presentation":{"id":86,"title":"MULTIELEMENTANALYSIS OF ANCIENT GOLD ARTIFACTS USING EDXRF","abstract":"One of the most important preconditions in the analysis of historical\/artistic materials is the use of nondestructive techniques. For this reason, X-ray techniques are the most popular and used in the analysis of these types of materials in Museums. The Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technique allows a nondestructive qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental analysis on various types of samples in Art\/Archaeometry applications. This work analyzed ancient gold artifacts from different ages using an EDXRF portable system. Ten different types of gold samples were analyzed: earrings, pendants, figurines and clothing adornments. All samples analyzed are part of the gold collection of the Instituto de Pesquisa Hist\u00f3rica e Arqueologia do Rio de Janeiro (IPHARJ). The XRF analyses were performed using an EDXRF commercial system (ARTAX 200, Mo anode, 40 kV and 250 \u00b5A). The concentrations of Cu, Au and Ag were obtained from calibration curves obtained with gold standards of 24k, 18k, 16k, 14k, 12k and 10k. The results showed that the samples have different concentrations of gold. Thus, it was possible to classify the samples with respect to gold purity (karat gold). Besides that, two samples were classified as tumbagas since their copper and gold concentrations were very similar to those found in the literature.","keywords":"X-ray fluorescence, Multielemental analysis, Archeometry","status":"active","sarx_st":"accepted","user_id":117,"created_at":"2016-07-08 14:46:18","updated_at":"2016-08-20 12:22:11","filename":"RESUMO_SARX_HAMILTON_vf.docx","mode":"oral","sarx_code":"13_O-XRF","poster_group":null,"file":"b53ccd367166587831f609794c854976.docx","author":"Hamilton Santos Gama Filho","affiliation":"Doutorando \/<\/b> Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro \/<\/b> Brasil","user":{"id":117,"name":"Hamilton Santos Gama Filho","degree":"Doutorando","email":"hamiltongamafilho@hotmail.com","username":"hamiltongamafilho@hotmail.com","confirmed":1,"confirmation_code":null,"created_at":"2016-05-04 21:10:06","updated_at":"2016-05-10 21:27:36","sarx":1,"affiliation":"Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro","address":"Rua S\u00e3o Francisco Xavier, 524","zipcode":"20550-900","state":"Rio de Janeiro","phone":"21983995835","fax":null,"city":"Rio de Janeiro","country":"Brasil","status":"active","is_admin":0,"category":"student","school":1,"icdd":0}}}