School of Archaeometry 2016 (EARJ 2016)

September, 22nd & 23rd, 2016 Petrópolis, RJ/Brazil

The Archaeometry School of Rio de Janeiro, an event held every two years, aims to propose to students from different cultural backgrounds a wide range of experimental techniques that are used for knowledge, restoration and conservation of Cultural Property. The focus of the School is to be a place of exchange of experiences and information among researchers from different sectors through integrated approach between scientific analysis and stylistic analysis, historical and philological the perspective of overcoming the division between these cultures. The School counts on the participation of major national and international experts in the most used techniques in the study of cultural heritage.

The choice of Brazil as host country of Archeometry School, in Rio de Janeiro is a form of recognition by the scientific community of in cultural heritage the degree of development in which they are in this area Brazil, and especially its reputation in South America, and its international involvement. The fact that Rio de Janeiro has came to host this event provides outstanding value to the scientific, political and economic points of view. Latin America countries, including to Brazil, for various reasons have not benefited fully from the potential of these specialties, to offer modern services and good quality. Largely this delay is the result of lack of information and overcome conceptions that still exist among authorities. The realization of an event with the impact of the School certainly will substantially modify this framework, accelerating the use of these techniques in the region. Finally it highlights the great opportunity that this event is for the younger generation of scientists and students, which will have first-hand contacts with research, equipment exhibition and the with major international experts participating in this event.